5 Up And Coming Franchise Concepts

Franchisees:  Looking for a new franchise opportunity?  Considering a new, energetic, ground-floor franchise?  While not for everyone, joining a new franchise program can have significant benefits.  See how five brand new franchisors are launching new programs, new concepts, with fresh new ideas.   TopNewFranchises.Com has introduced indexopen-1029704_117.jpgthe Top New Franchises Interview Series to showcase the franchisors who are fired up and ready to change the world.

The Top New Franchises Interview series is designed to give prospective franchisees info and insight into some of the freshest new franchises to emerge in recent months and years… and give new franchisors an effective way to get their stories told across the Internet.  Learn about some exciting new franchise opportunities… in the franchisors own words.




Meet Maid to Sparkle’s Chris Cavazos Remember when doctors made house calls, fresh milk was delivered daily and service station attendants washed your windowshield? Maid to Sparkle is bringing back the Golden Age of Service… and cleaning up in the process. Meet Maid to Sparkle President Chris Cavazos



Meet Trash Talkin’ College Hunk Nick Friedman The College Hunks Hauling Junk franchise is a breath of fresh air in the trash collection industry. If you’ve got $100K, Nick and Omar can make your lifelong dream of being a refuse relocation engineer a reality.

Meet Nick Friedman, College Hunks Hauling Junk



Meet Ho Math & Chess CEO Frank Ho Frank Ho provides insight into his unique math tutoring franchise that makes learning fun, and his ultra-low-cost franchise that’s going global. This is one Ho even Imus could love!

Meet Frank Ho, Ho Math & Chess


stephen1Meet A Designer’s Eye President Stephen Fofanoff A Designer’s Eye President Stephen Fofanoff has his eye on franchising. He explains the vision behind his creative new home-based franchise opportunity, A Designer’s Eye.

Meet Stephen Fofanoff, A Designer’s Eye .

Meet Chyten Educational Franchising’s Neil Chyten What happens when a respected and highly effective regional tutoring program joins forces with one of franchising’s largest growth networks? Learn for yourselfneilchyten100.jpg: Neil Chyten, Chyten Educational Services

Do you know of a promising new franchise program launched within the last 5 years? If you would like to request an interview, or nominate a franchise professional to be interviewed, email Sean at info[at]franbest.com.

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